New grant project helps fix severe flooding issues for a neighborhood in Archer

New grant project helps fix severe flooding issues for a neighborhood in Archer

The Holy Hills community in the City of Archer has been experiencing severe flooding for over a decade.

Resident, Wilson Robinson Jr. has dealt with flooding by his home for 65 years.

He said after a big storm, he can't even get onto his street because the city has to shut down roads.

"I get there and I'm like Oh look at that water," Robinson said. "I turn around and go on another street and catch it from the other end...but this has been something else," said.

The Archer neighborhood was built around retention ponds, almost acting as a bowl, collecting all the rain water.

But now, Robinson plans for better days ahead.

The Suwannee River Water Managment, the Florida DEP and the City of Archer provided $248,000 in grant money to help the residents here

"We are celebrating that we finally signed all of our funding agreements to move forward with construction to increase the size of these ponds to deepen them and to improve the percolation rates," Project Manager Jamie Bell said.

The water is not the cleanest. The City of Archer does not yet have a centralized wastewater system, so flooding inundates neighborhood septic tanks.

However, this new project will not just fix the flooding problem, It will also improve the water quality.

Archer resident Roberta Lopez the city has been fighting for this project to happen, now it's put into action.

"I think it really means a better quality of life for them because they have lived with this for years," Lopez said.

She said she is proud that the people in the Holly Hills community initiated the project.

Monitoring will be conducted for a period of 18-months following the completion of construction to measure the water quality improvement and to track the project’s success.

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