New proposed bill allows dogs inside Florida breweries


    Good news for dog lovers in Florida — a new proposed bill might allow dogs inside breweries.

    “To be able to walk inside with a dog, have a drink, sit down, relax, have fun, would be a welcome thing for many people in town,” said Gerald Liddick, a dog owner.

    The proposed bill allows breweries the option to allow dogs inside if they are leashed, off furniture and not present where the beer is being made.

    Florida codes say no animals, except for fish in aquariums, may be present in food service areas.

    By current Florida code’s definition, beer is considered a food.

    “People today consider their dogs a lot like their kids. So they want to bring them everywhere they go and they enjoy it. And I think the dogs enjoy it as well," said Lynn Long, manager at Big Top Brewery.

    Many say they don’t see having dogs where beer is served as a sanitation issue.

    “As long as the dogs are on the ground, I don’t see how it could be a problem,” said Theresa Patton, a dog owner.

    Dog owners like Liddick are hopeful their furry friends can join them inside for a cold one—especially as the Florida summer heat is around the corner.

    “We have such a high heat and humidity level here, a lot of dogs can’t take it outside,” Liddick said.

    If approved, the new bill will go into effect in July.

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