New RTS driverless bus expected in Gainesville by April

The EZ10 is a concept driverless electric bus that spent some of its time at the event ferrying passengers around a course - photo by Jil McIntosh - for Wheels

The future is coming to Gainesville. There’s a new RTS shuttle that can take you from point A to point B, for free, and without a driver.

City of Gainesville spokesman, Chip Skinner, says the new autonomous shuttle will be in route in April.

The shuttle will seat six people, with enough room for about six more people to stand.

“To start off with, we will have a driver on the bus to make sure all of the equipment is functioning properly as this is somewhat new technology,” Skinner said.

The contract with the shuttle's manufacturer is worth well over $2 million and is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. The cost will cover the shuttle and three years of operation.

The shuttle will run from the University of Florida campus to downtown Gainesville via SW Second Avenue. It will run for approximately 10 hours during on a typical workday schedule, Skinner said.

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