New tax cut initiative hopes to draw business to East Gainesville


For years East Gainesville has struggled to match the economic growth and development found on the west side.

"The east side is a very unique place, but of course if you don't give that place a chance to have the economic growth then of course they won't have it."

Dejeon Cain is a local business owner who has seen firsthand how stagnant growth and business has been. He said the east side has been under served for years and now is the time for a change.

"Its time for them to get what's rightfully theirs. Just as Archer road, SW and NW. Why is it that this side is being under served," Cain said.

Though there are many problems hindering growth, county economic development director Edgar Campa- Palafox hopes a new tax cut initiative will be an answer.

" East Gainesville and Eastern Alachua County has not received the level of investment and business activity as compared to the other parts of Alachua County. This will be an important tool to bring more jobs to that area," Palafox said.

Gov. Rick Scott recently designated more than 400 economically distressed communities across Florida as low tax opportunity zones. These opportunity zones provide tax cuts to businesses that invest in areas like East Gainesville.

"If you think about the quality of life for citizens business is a big part of that," Palafox said.

The goal is to bring more jobs and attract more businesses to an area that has struggled with poverty. Cain said that's exactly what the east side needs.

"I think that's what the people of East Gainesville are saying," Cain said. " We're tired of being just East Gainesville. We want to be an economic growing area just like other parts of our city are growing. "

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