New University of Florida facility dedicated solely to bees


The University of Florida is set to open a new multi-million dollar facility in august dedicated to one insect.

“Honeybees are actually responsible for a fifth to a third of the food we eat through their pollination efforts,” said Jaime Ellis, a UF entomology associate professor. “I would argue that honeybees are one of the most important ag commodities around. That is why it is crucial that we understand honeybee health.”

Coming this August, UF will be home to a new honeybee headquarters—A place to study bee habits, diseases and even language.

“Florida is a very important place to study honeybees,” Ellis said. “About a quarter of our nation’s bee pass through the state every year.”

Ellis says UF is the perfect host for the job. Florida’s warm climate allows beekeepers and scientists to study honeybee habits year-round.

“Beekeepers from all around the country will move their bees to Florida to over-winter them to get them ready to go out and pollinate the nation’s crops,” Ellis said

The new lab will house special spaces to study these bees and even a bee keeping museum for anyone to come and visit.

“We’ve got the ability to open our doors to the general public who can come in and safely view honeybees without the threat of being stung,” Ellis said.

If you’d like to come check out the new facility, the grand opening to the public is August 25th.

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