North Central YMCA doing well after 2016 bankruptcy


The North Central Florida YMCA has everything from child care, to trapeze training.

For member Dave Hall who has attended this YMCA for over 10 years, his five-minute walk from home is perfect to help keep his active lifestyle.

“I’m very grateful,” says Hall.

The gym and classes bustle with people now, but in 2016 it was entirely different.

“We filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, we were going to have to file for bankruptcy again at the end of 2016 because we had overwhelming debt with the building itself, we had about 3.6 million dollars’ worth of debt,” says Michele Martin, the YMCA chief volunteer officer.

Members were scared they would lose their community-based organization.

“Last year at this time we were really worried and uncertain with the future of our YMCA,” says Hall.

The YMCA raised $1,300,000 with the help of community outreach programs and three anonymous donors.

They're also maintaining healthy membership numbers.

“I believe this is a y that’s going to be here,” says YMCA Interim CEO Norm Joyner. “I think the community wants this YMCA, not just for child care, not just for seniors not for the adult fitness program but to be a part of this particular community,”

Making members like Dave, happy that he can go to his local YMCA to maintain the friendships he’s had for years.

“Part of wellness is encouragement—encouraging other people and the staff here just do a great job at that—its friendships, it’s not just going here and working out, its way beyond that,” says Hall.

The YMCA is now working on upgrading its facilities to show members that they're here to stay.

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