Historic Masonic Temple may be transformed to honor music legends


UPDATE: JUNE 13, 2018 12:15 PM

Garrett Sutcliffe of the Gainesville Masonic Temple tells CBS 4 this contract with the Gainesville Music History Foundation is no longer pending.

He said conditions that the Masonic Temple presented to the foundation were not accepted.

The Masonic Temple has no interest in moving forward at this time, Sutcliffe said.

The Masonic Temple is expected to make a statement on the situation soon.


A 110-year-old Masonic temple in downtown Gainesville may soon be transformed to honor music legends in Gainesville.

“It’s just an ideal property,” said Gainesville’s mayor Lauren Poe. “It’s a beautiful, old building. We would love to see it preserved but right now it almost gets no use.”

The old building is planned to be named the Gainesville Music History Museum and the Tom Petty Community Center.

“With the passing of Tom Petty, they sort of evolved their idea to make it a Gainesville music museum along with a place to honor Tom Petty and serve as a community center,” Poe said.

The Gainesville Music History Foundation says the music-oriented community center will be a hub for local musicians, artists and students. It will promote the use of musical instruments for all ages.

“There’s so much talent and artistry that’s come out of Gainesville,” Poe said. “To have this center be the anchor for that and allow people to come from really all around the world and experience that is really exciting for Gainesville.”

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