PACE Center for Girls starts new construction


To celebrate International Women’s Day, the PACE Center for Girls is starting their new construction on their “Butterfly Center” where they can help with their enrichment programs for young girls.

The center is an alternative school for at-risk girls of all ages, where they have personalized teaching, individual councilors and provide emotional support to graduate.

The center raised over $450,000 to build their 3,500 sqft Butterfly Center, where students and faculty can use the open space and the girls can spend more time together in larger groups.

“The girls don’t have one space where they can all be together, like for lunch they have to do it in shifts so in different spaces so its really important for girls to have that social time so they can listen to each other,” says Tracy Burger, PACE board member.

Dozens of local leaders, and commissioners came to the groundbreaking event, and say they hope this building will bring joy to the young girls-- and members that surround it.

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