Painting with a purpose: Gainesville community paints to raise funds for local foster kids

They say art is a great way to express yourself and Partnership for Strong Families is helping their foster kids do just that.

"We are working with 'Made New Arts' which is an amazing local program working with our foster youth to provide art classes to find some therapy through art as well," Director Patty Carroll said.

Hillary White is a local artist, who comes in every week, teaching the foster children new forms of art as well as mentors them.

"The art becomes an expression of something that they're dealing with," White said. "The goal is for them to know their self-worth and know what they create is valid, they are valid human beings," she said.

Painting with a twist offered a "Painting with a Purpose" class tonight so that 50% of all costs go toward the program. These funds will help White continue to empower more students through artwork.

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