Pokemon Go takes over Gainesville

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Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, everywhere you go you can see people trying to catch Pokemon like this Bellsprout right here in Downtown Gainesville.

Everywhere you look people have their noses glued to their phones.

"That's my baby," says Pokemon Go player Olivia Ardizzone as she proudly shows her Vaporeon.

Ardizzone has been a Pokemon fan since she was little.

"Growing up, your dream was always to become a Pokemon trainer. I know wishing like Pokemon was real and I could go on these adventures, and so this app brings that to life," says Ardizzone.

Thomas Jones just downloaded the app a few days ago.

He decided to spend his day catching Pokemon.

"it's my day off, just walking around killing time, i don't know how many I've caught a bunch, more Rattats than anything," says Jones.

And Pokemon Go has even been good for business.

"We had 80% of our business in the last few days because of people coming in to find Pokemon so it's been really great," says Rebecca Friedman, a bartender at Elixir Lounge Smoothie and Juice Bar.

Even though it's a fun game there have been reports all over of people getting hurt.

One girl in Pennsylvania was hit by a car and four University of Maryland students were robbed while playing two days ago.

That's why law enforcement in our area are reminding players to be cautious.

"Pay attention to their surroundings, don't wander into areas you shouldn't be in especially if there's no trespassing signs," says University of Florida Police Dept. spokesman Officer Wayne Clark.

And if you have children keep an eye on where they're going.

Other can use the app to track not only Pokemon but people too.

"You know certain stops, Poke stops that may not be in safe areas and anybody that want's to take the opportunity to victimize somebody, certainly can see that and we just ask that you pay attention to those areas and never let your children wander out by themselves," says Ofc. Clark.

Pokemon Go is a free app and it's already become one of the top downloads of 2016.

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