Police: Fugitive from Rhode Island caught defrauding Chiefland car dealership

Marcus Crook/Levy County Jail.

Chiefland police say they've arrested a fugitive from Rhode Island who has been living in Florida under an alias and defrauding the car dealership company he's been working for.

Chiefland police arrested and charged 31-year-old Marcus Anthony Crook of Fort McCoy with multiple counts of grand theft, embezzlement while he worked as regional manager for the Plattener Automotive Group under the fictitious name, Marcus Carpenter. Police say Crook also has 33 active warrants and 22 open cases for prosecution in Rhode Island. He also has a felony domestic violence conviction in 2010 that police say he failed to register for when he moved to Florida.

An arrest report says Crook stole money from the dealership by pocketing down payments made in cash and then turn in a receipt using a fake check number, as if the payment was made with a check.

The report says Crook stole more than $39,500 in cash since he started working in June of this year.

Crook's being held at the Levy County Detention Center on $535,000 bond.

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