Police searching for missing Gainesville man


    The search continues for Thomas Brown, who has been missing since early November.

    “It’s not very often, the only time we ask for additional assistance like this is when we have unusual circumstances like this that have gone on for so long," said Jorge Campos with the Gainesville Police Department.

    Gainesville Police Department searched the wooded area around GRACE marketplace today, the last known location Brown was seen.

    “His family is the one who reported him missing, he checked in with them pretty regularly and after November 9th he stopped checking in with them and hasn’t responded to any of their calls or messages. So, it’s unusual for him and it’s unusual for someone to go missing that long," Campos said.

    Police brought a K-9 unit as well as four horses to search the woods.

    “We asked the volunteer teams to come out and search the wooded area around GRACE to see if Mr. Brown had gone further in the woods and had not come out, had a medical emergency, or what it could be," Campos said.

    If you have any information regarding Thomas Brown police urge you to call the non-emergency number at 352-955-1818.

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