Gainesville collects so many supplies for Puerto Rico, question is how to get it there?


A local relief effort started with a small plan to send supplies to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. But they did not expect their efforts to go viral.

After seeing the damage Irma did to Florida, Charlene D’Acosta worked proactively to prepare her country for hurricane Maria.

She started the effort on her own to set an example for her kids who have their father and grandfather back in Puerto Rico.

“Even though they are not there with their father and grandfather and their family,” D’Acosta said. “They can learn to do stuff for the world and make a difference.”

D’Acosta’s efforts went viral in the area, and supplies started flooding through the doors.

“It’s something that was supposed to be pretty simple, not this big,” D’Acosta said. “But we never thought we’d get over 20 thousand pounds of donations…and they keep on coming.”

A small plane was originally donated to ship the supplies over to Puerto Rico, but now there is not nearly enough room.

“I don’t want to see myself having to cancel donations that my island needs a lot right now because of transportation issues,” D’Acosta said. “So if anyone knows anyone that can help me do this humanitarian flight, and get this to Puerto Rican people who need it, I would really appreciate it.”

Stay tuned to D’Acosta’s Facebook page PR United for reliable news on her work. Beware of anyone asking for donations posing as this relief effort.

“We had a lead today saying there was a Go Fund Me account which is not from us,” D’Acosta said. “They are using our videos and our pictures from the internet. We have not done anything. We have not activated an account yet.”

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