Let's Hear Your Voice: Rawlings Elementary takes the title


Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary walked away with the title for the “Let’s Hear Your Voice” video contest.

On Tuesday, the school was awarded more than one thousand dollars to go toward its music program and some time to hang out with Dylan Gerard from season 13 of The Voice.

“They loved it, they learned the song in a day,” said Jackie Collins, a music teacher at Rawlings Elementary. “I had my fifth graders write the words, and me and the fourth graders helped write the tune.”

To Rawlings, music is more than something to play and sing along to.

“It’s fun,” said Malcolm Newsome, a fourth grader at Rawlings. “And when I feel mad or something, I can sing.”

Teachers say singing is an outlet for emotions. It’s a way to learn real life skills and creativity.

“They can be better in any subject,” Collins said. “Most importantly they will be ready to go out into the real world for a job or even in middle school.”

Students say music boosts their confidence and self-esteem

“A lot of people don’t congratulate themselves, they always look down on themselves,” said Serenity Jones, a fifth grader at Rawlings Elementary. “Through music you can look at yourself and say you did a really good job on that.”

Gerard says these are all lessons the kids can hold onto for the rest of their lives.

“I think in a lot of ways, music can help connect you with people,” Gerard said. “To have people they can confide in, people they can feel comfortable around. And I think music helps do that, it helps bring people together.”

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