Report: Tenant killed two Gainesville apartment employees over ongoing dispute

Cedric Plummer: Lowndes County Jail.

A Gainesville man killed two employees at his apartment complex and took a third hostage Tuesday during a meeting to discuss an ongoing dispute, according to an incident report released Wednesday.

Police say 23-year-old Cedric Plummer scheduled the meeting at the Summer Place Villas leasing office around 1:30, closed the door behind him and, without saying a word, shot and killed 28-year-old Jude Osuji, Jr. and 61-year-old Robert Brumbaugh. The report says Plummer then kidnapped 19-year-old employee Hailey Roberts at gunpoint and forced her to drive to Georgia.

"At one point, (Plummer) terrorized victim Roberts by telling her to stop crying as he placed a gun to her head and reminded her what he did to Brumbaugh and Osuji," the report says.

Police used electronic surveillance to track Roberts and alerted authorities in Georgia that they appeared to be heading northbound on I-75. Authorities attempted a traffic stop on the car on I-75.

Plummer "told Roberts, 'Don't stop unless you wanna see your brains in your lap,'" the report says. Eventually the car stopped and Plummer was taken into custody. Police say they found Roberts inside, along with the suspect's gun, a .380-caliber handgun. Detectives say the gun is consistent with .380-caliber shell casings found at the scene.

Police say the shooting was linked to an ongoing dispute between Plummer and the apartment staff. Police say they had been to the apartment three times in the last month. The report says Plummer destroyed the interior of his apartment around Feb. 2 and was preventing the employees from fixing the damage. Tobias said the previous calls were civil in nature and none of Plummer's actions during those calls rose to criminal activity.

Tobias said one of the officers who patrols the area had responded to some of the earlier calls and remembered Plummer's name and address. "That information was crucial to the quick arrest," Tobias said.

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