Residents concerned affordable housing plans will jeopardize historic neighborhoods

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    At Thursday’s city commission meeting, commissioners approved a budget that includes nearly $500,000 dedicated to initiatives for affordable housing.

    However, some residents say part of the zoning plans for the affordable housing would jeopardize historic neighborhoods.

    The commission's affordable housing plan would add multifamily and mixed-use buildings like duplexes and townhouses to neighborhoods in areas like northwest 5th avenue and Pleasant street.

    However, some residents say the increase in multi- family buildings would decrease property values and jeopardize historic neighborhoods.

    " This is clearly something that needs more input and it’s going to destroy a lot of beautiful neighborhoods,” Sharon Bowers said.

    Officials from the Department of Doing said there have been over 40 meetings since January to discuss the zoning changes. Residents say they weren't notified of the changes.

    "It’s not acceptable when you make changes without really talking and listening to the people,” Faye Williams said.

    After hearing the concerns of residents, the city commission delayed its vote and will schedule meetings with community to discuss the plans.

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