Santa Fe College creates free "Back to Work" program, helps job seekers 50+

Back to Work 50+

In today's world, a lot have things have turned digital... even applying for a job.

Some things that have become second nature for tech-savvy individuals is harder for others.

That's why Santa Fe College has created a free "Back to Work" program for job seekers 50+. This grant-funded program helps adults with everything they need to know about applying to a job.

"We help with resume writing, cover letter, interview skills, computer skills...imagine if you haven't had to look for work in 20 years. Everything has changed, now we have online job applications," project coordinator Carolyn Das said.

In this training program, job seekers will get professional guidance as well as a free AARP job search guide.

To register, just show up to the Alachua County Library Branch, 14914 NW 140th St. in the city of Alachua 5/9 at 11 am.

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