Scammers targeting students at UF


At the University of Florida, police say they’ve seen an increase in scams.

Scammers are targeting students in a number of ways including email scams – these scams offer lots of money for part time work, but Sergeant Tim Peck from the UF police department says that should be a red flag for students.

“ If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If they’re sending you a large amount of money for very minimal work that should tip you off that its probably a scam,” Sgt. Peck said.

Sgt. Peck says scammers also try to mislead you with fake websites that can steal your personal information and infect your computer with malware.

“ A lot of the time they like to spoof regular sites like Amazon. For instance it will be Amazon with an “E” so its just enough of a difference that if you’re not paying attention you’ll think you’re going to the real site,” Sgt. Peck said.

Scammers also try sending students checks in the mail to lure them into cashing the check so that they can steal their financial information.

Sgt. Peck says during tax season students should be especially aware and cautious.

" Be very careful and don't give out personal information online especially to a site that you're not familiar with."

Students who receive any suspicious emails should contact the UF Police Department.

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