Alachua County school bus driver accused of pushing 12-year-old boy from bus


When a child doesn’t show up to school, the school bus driver isn’t necessarily the first one to blame, but a 12-year-old-boy says that’s exactly what happened to him.

“A bus driver actually threw—physically threw one of the children off the bus by grabbing his arm, taking him to the top step and shoving him off the bus,” says Art Forgey, the Alachua County Sheriff’s spokesman.

The police report says the 65-year-old driver named Tervin Boneta-Montalvo got in to an argument with the 12-year-old boy during a routine morning pick up.

“The bus driver asked him to sit in the back of the bus, the child said he’d been told to sit in front of the bus, and I guess that’s what started the whole confrontation,” says Forgey. “Once he had shoved him out the door, the bus driver went back to his seat and drove away."

The boy eventually returned home and told the story to his mother—who filed a complaint.

Authorities declined to release the video because of its ongoing investigation, but Alachua County Public Schools showed it to Boneta-Montalvo.

“That day we called the bus driver in, showed him the video, and he resigned immediately,” shes Jackie Johnson, the spokeswoman for Alachua County Public Schools.

He was arrested Friday at his home in Levy County and charged with child abuse.

“The actions that the bus driver displayed were completely inappropriate so whether or not the students’ behavior was inappropriate it doesn’t matter, the way the bus driver responded was inappropriate,” says Johnson.

Alachua County Public Schools says video cameras aren’t on every bus, but are random, so drivers and students can both be accountable for their actions.

“As parents you need to inject yourself in to your child’s life and be a mentor to that child, so they can go to you with anything—like in this situation,” says Forgey.

As for Boneta-Montalvo, he posted his $50,000 bond and is now awaiting trial.

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