Seniors are hitting the books at the Oak Hammock retirement community

    Oak Hammock

    When you think of school, most people wouldn’t think about someone over 55 learning about micro plastics.

    “I just finished a class on trash,” says Oaks Hammock resident Jan Lowenthal. “Who would think they’d want to sign up for something like that?”

    With their Gator mugs and books in-hand, dozens of residents are learning new languages, music and even Leonardo Da Vinci at the Oak Hammock retirement community.

    The Institute for Learning in Retirement teamed up with educators, and knowledgeable residents to provide a multitude of classes for those who not only live in the retirement community, but for everyone over 55 in Gainesville.

    “We have had a number of people that have gotten interested in things that they just didn’t have the time to do before when they were younger,” says Director of Community Services, Katherine Osman. “Now, they have the time and we are trying to give them the opportunity.”

    And say, it gives seniors a way to keep them active, all while staying sharp on local issues and learning how to adapt.

    And the best part, these classes are all around $10 each.

    “There’s always more things to learn,” says Lowenthal.

    For more information on the classes at Oak Hammock, click here.

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