All but one of the I-75 crash victims from Louisiana return home


All but one of the Louisiana church members who survived the deadly crash on i-75 are going home tonight, bringing the bodies of the victims who passed away with them.

A total of eight people were injured in that crash.

Seven of them were in a church van, traveling from Louisiana to Disney World.

"Pentecostals Of Gainesville" Pastor Jimmy Toney says he and his wife spent time with some of the children while they waited for their parents to drive half a day from Louisiana.

He says it was a bad time—but they saw good people do great things.

"I want everyone to know I never saw anger,” Toney said. “I never saw anyone blaming anyone. It was like we were in this together that church community was in this together and so they just began to grieve for another and begin to help one another."

Toney says one church member, 50-year-old Karen Descant remains in the hospital tonight, but is expected to be flown to a rehab facility in Louisiana in the near future.

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