Should Gainesville rename Corrine Brown Transit Facility after fraud conviction?

The Corrine Brown Transit Facility at 34 SE 13th Road in Gainesville. (Marissa Sarbak/WGFL)

Some Gainesville residents want the city to rename the Corrine Brown Transit Facility.

Brown, a 70-year-old congresswoman from Jacksonville, was convicted last week on on charges that she took money intended for a charity for poor students.

The city named the 13th Road facility after Brown in 2014 because she was instrumental in finding federal funding for it.

Some residents say they're now preparing a petition to have her name removed from the building.

Not everyone is on board with the idea. The Rev. Milford L. Griner said he doesn't condone what Brown did but her conviction shouldn't erase the good she's done.

"That should not be used against her. That's not right. That's not fair," Griner said. "She did some great things for Gainesville."

City spokesman Chip Skinner said commissioners have heard concerns about keeping the building name after someone convicted on fraud charges, but said the issue has not been discussed.

As of Monday the issue was not on the commission's next meeting on Thursday, he said.

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