Single Mom Gets Habitat for Humanity Home

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is bringing a local family a much needed home, and they're working with Santa Fe students to do it. Student Kimberly Delisle says "I've been holding back tears. It's like our baby. It's finally leaving the nest."

Construction students at the local college have been building this modular home for almost a year now. Delisle says, "It's fun, and it was nice to be able to learn in the classroom and then use the skills I've learned to build the house."

Today the house was transported arrived at it's new location, but it's not completely ready for it's new family yet. Single mom Shereka Curtis and her children were selected to get the home. But it's not for free. Habitat for Humanity makes sure anyone getting a home can support the mortgage that comes with it through a steady job, and that's not all.

Laura Gaisser with Habitat for Humanity says, "They give 200 community service hours on somebody else's house and within the community. And then they must build at least 200 hours on their own home. So by the time they're done with the process, they're committed to their home."

While Shereka had to work and couldn't be there for the arrival of her new home- santa fe students said they did have a chance to meet her. Student Nicole Davila says, "She was very gracious, and it was a good feeling to see her very happy, and getting this home for herself and her family." Habitat for Humanity says the house should be ready for move-in day within the next month or two.

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