Sonny's BBQ: founded in Gainesville, Sonny Tillman revisits location to celebrate 50 years

Sonny Tillman, 1

Did you know Sonny's BBQ was founded in Gainesville?

That's right, back in 1968, Sonny Tillman opened his first location in Gainesville.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sonny's BBQ. the Waldo Road locatio was the first to open.

On Wednesday, Tillman stood outside the same restaurant celebrating the fact that he grew this restaurant to more than 100 restaurants across the South East.

"It feels great. It felt good 50 years ago today to be here," Tillman said. "I was happy to get back here and build this restaurant, it changed my life, my family's life, friends...people I'm really grateful for," he said.

In honor of it's founders month , Sonny's is offering a special deal every Wednesday during the month of May, 50% off signature pork favorites.

They say although it's been 50 years..they're still smokin'.

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