St. Francis house serves hundreds of meals this Thanksgiving day


At the St. Francis House, there are more than 100 volunteers, young and old who started at 6 a.m. to prep for residents, and those just coming by to have a warm Thanksgiving meal.

Volunteers like Linda Jacoby drove all the way from Lake Butler, and says she and her son have volunteered at Ft. Francis for the past seven thanksgivings.

“Oh it is just wonderful, we walk out of here with our hearts full of joy, happy to serve other people,” says Johnson.

The St. Francis house says they made meals for more than 400 people, but it’s the community of the event that brings the people together.

“Just having the community show the love they give towards people and the homeless and letting them know that people do care about them in this community--that’s a big part of it,” says Kent Vann, the director of the St. Francis House.

And the residents at the St. Francis house saw this as a special treat.

“The tables are so beautiful, they are decorated, I didn’t think it would be like this,” says resident Markesha Johnson.

Johnson, a mother of five has been in the St. Francis House for two months, after losing her home to hurricane Irma, she says she’s thankful for the special attention on thanksgiving the St. Francis house brings to her children.

“Oh yes most definitely I’m thankful for every one of them, and these kids, they keep a smile on my face and I thank God for them every day, I love them, love them to death,” says Johnson.

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