Students pitch in to clean Duval Neighborhood


Hundreds of University of Florida students pitched in on Monday evening, to help a part of Alachua County in need of an economic boost.

Dozens of tires, glass bottles, baby items, and even furniture were just a few of the items volunteers cleaned from the side of the road.

"From different garbage bags that were already out here and just had been thrown off to the side, to McDonalds signs that were just discarded on the side of the road," said Service Coordinator Zachary Morris.

Nearly 25 fraternities that are part of the UF Interfraternity Council teamed up with Keep Alachua County Beautiful, to help a part of East Gainesville in need of a boost.

"Well litter and illegal dumping contribute to blight and that will cause an economic downturn, or lack of economic development in an area, so we're particularly concerned with the Duval Neighborhood and getting that improved," said Gina Hawkins of Keep Alachua County Beautiful.

Volunteers say they care about their community, and the clean up was to both help the environment and those who live nearby.

"Hopefully the people around here, they'll notice it tomorrow. Just driving in it was nasty, so driving out I expect it will be a lot cleaner," said Chris Lynch of Pi Kappa Phi.

This was one of many cleanups that will be taking place from now until March 12. That's when the annual Great American Clean Up will be held at Westside Park.

To take part in the state-wide event, just sign up at

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