Superior Towing donates vehicles to relaunch local non -profit

    Superior Towing donates vehicles to relaunch local non -profit<p>{/p}

    Super Towing Donated one dozen cars, 20 mopeds and 45 bikes to dignity project, a vocational training program helping at-risk teens.

    Super Towing Owner Mike Weber said they start small, fixing bikes.

    "After they finish fixing the bikes we graduate them to fixing mopeds, weedeaters and then eventually finishing up by fixing cars," Weber said.

    Weber said they also learn life management skills.

    "We can teach them a trade but in order to maintain a job you have to have life management skills," he said.

    However the program lost it's funding 7 years ago. Since then, Richard Lowery, instructor at Dignity Project has been paying out of pocket to keep it running.

    "We've been doing this since '99 and it was funded by the Government and that funding went away," Lowery said.

    But with all these donations, Mike Weber said Dignity Project will keep their doors open.

    "A lot of the cars and mopeds will be fixed and sold to fund the project," Weber said. "To be able to come out and make a difference in our own neighborhood is always a good thing."

    Richard Lowery said it makes a big difference and for some an unforgettable experience.

    "Sometimes you see them today and their kids are grown and they remember you to say we've change their lives," Lowery said.

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