Educators speak out on teacher's negative depictions in the media


The goal of a teacher is to develop college and career ready students. But in today’s society some are saying teaching is one career to avoid. And now educators are blaming the media their negative depictions.

"One of the most frustrating comments I get as a teacher is 'im sorry'," ninth grade teacher Cody Miller said. "Of course there are bad days, there are days where they are tired. Teachers are irritated or have family issues. I think often we forget teachers are human."

He says if the media creates the narrative; bad kids, bad teacher - the positive goals of educating can be erased.

Dr. Mary Dalton from Wake Forest University says the downhill image of teachers didn’t happen overnight, referencing complex characters from Friday Night Lights -- to now, actors in a sitcom like Mike and Molly. She says while intricate characters bring life to the screen the current state of too many negative depictions can be detrimental for educators.

"I think that reinforces ideas about deprofessionalization of teachers. That people decide that teaching is not a good career because of what they see on television. And how they see public policy starting to talk about teaching as a profession.”

Dalton and Miller hope teachers will advocate the positive experiences in the classrooms to break images in the media.

The next public awareness month event is tomorrow -- at Wiles Elementary -- *Our local schools now and moving forward*. The event starts at 9:30 am. For more information visit this website.

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