Teen no longer enrolled at Gainesville High School after offensive posts found online

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A teen is no longer enrolled at Gainesville High School after a number of offensive posts were found on social media, the district announced Wednesday.

The student allegedly boasted online about reporting a classmate to federal authorities because they were reportedly undocumented.

The Alachua County School District today announced it became aware of the postings on Monday. The district says it decided to address the situation because a "great deal of misinformation" was spreading through social media and some websites. The district says legally it's not allowed to provide disciplinary information that may or may not have been taken as a result of the postings, but it did note that the district has not expelled a student in at least five years.

"We encourage citizens to recognize that much of the information they are hearing and/or reading about this situation is not accurate," the district said in a statement. "This is particularly important for any citizens planning to contact the school or district, as well as those sharing information through social media or other means."

The district says it echoes the sentiments of the school's principal, who addressed students and staff this week. "That is, that Alachua County Public Schools values diversity and believes strongly that we are better as a district and as a community for the contributions of all people."

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