The Swamp celebrates with hot dogs while helping veterans

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For many, nothing says Independence Day like a good hot dog.

“There’s nothing more American than a hot dog,” says restaurant Manager, Ryan Prodesky.

So what better way to kickoff Americas birthday than with a hot dog eating competition at The Swamp Restaurant on University Avenue.

“This is one of a kind, this is a big show of the year so looking forward to seeing what happens today,” says Prodesky.

Proceeds go to the Camaraderie Foundation, an organization that offers counseling services for veterans with PTSD.

“The community gets behind that and I think it’s a great cause, especially on a holiday such as the 4th of July,” says Prodesky.

The competitors line up, hungry for victory.

“I’m ready I’m hungry,” says one competitor.

After dunking their hot dog buns in lemonade, and squirting ketchup, time quickly ran out.

The winner swallowed a grand total of six hot dogs.

“I knew going in that there was going to be a bunch of wieners out there but there is only only one winner,” says winner Nick Porero. “So the fact that I came out with only six hot dogs was kind of a letdown but it got the job done.”

Porero, a finance major earned himself a $250 in cash, and a $250 gift card to the restaurant.

“Definitely pumped up to spend my money here at the swamp,” says Porero.

And Prodesky says they hope to continue this tradition for years to come.

“We just hope we can grow the sport of competitive eating, it’s something we get behind and maybe one day it’ll really take off,” sasy Prodesky.

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