Threatening email received by Alachua County schools also sent to schools in Maine

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A threatening email sent to six Florida school districts Wednesday was also sent to schools in Maine, leading officials there to close schools.

Local media outlets report two districts in Maine shut down schools Wednesday after receiving the email. “We know that down at Camden Hills they received the same exact email that we did and also it stems as far as Florida so this is really a nationwide school for hoax, if you will,” Lt. Sean Hashey of the Maine State Police told WABI in Maine.

Officials there are now confident the email was a hoax.

Officials in Alachua County Schools were skeptical from the beginning. In a notice sent to parents Wednesday, school officials said they didn't consider the threat credible but would take extra precautions to make sure children were safe.

Spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said Thursday they now know of at least six Florida school districts that received the email, which didn't specifically name any school. Officials said Wednesday the email appears to have been sent from a server in Bolivia.

Authorities are still investigating who sent the email.

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