Gainesville police arrest 3 in connection to string of car burglaries

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    “If anyone thought they had misplaced something that was in their car, it possibly was stolen out of the car,” says Jorge Campos, Gainesville Police spokesman.

    Officials say witnesses called 911 early Wednesday morning claiming they saw people breaking into cars.

    When Gainesville Police arrived to Avira Apartments at 205 SE 16th Ave, they say they saw one suspect looking into cars with a flashlight.

    “When the officer got a little bit closer the individual noticed the officer standing there and took off running,” says Campos.

    Officials say that’s when the suspect got into a parked car, and both him and the driver took off.

    However, it quickly ended when the driver crashed in the parking lot.

    As police searched, they found another suspect hiding nearby.

    Police arrested Rashad Hooper, Jarquez Williams and Sh-Ron Ellison.

    “We have been able to determine they have been breaking into vehicles all along the way between Cheifland and where they were apprehended in Gainesville,” says Campos.

    Police found multiple car chargers, sunglasses and even fishing gear in the suspect’s car.

    “I believe one of the individuals made comments to indicate he entered over 100 vehicles that evening,” says Campos.

    Police don’t believe the group stole any guns, but officials are asking residents to report any missing items from their cars.

    “First and foremost, lock your vehicles, just because you are parked at your home or apartment, doesn’t mean someone will not enter your car,” says Campos.

    To report a stolen item call:

    Non-Emergency hotline (Gainesville & Alachua County): 352-955-1818

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