Three missing after aircraft disappears near Cedar Key


UPDATE: Wednesday morning the search was suspended due to weather conditions and will continue tomorrow if the climate permits.

The search continues for a missing plane en route to Cedar Key. Officials were notified that the single-engine aircraft with three aboard failed to arrive around noon Sunday. Since then the Coast Guard has been searching for the plane and Tuesday morning found one- the pilot.

Sunday, 65-year-old Jasper Jerrells, Hue Singletary and Jasper's 17-year-old son were traveling from Brooksfield to eat lunch with family in Cedar Key.

The fog levels made it almost impossible for any plane to land. According to Bason, most pilots would turn around before entering fog and she knew something wasn't right when they didn't arrive on time.

So far pieces of the aircraft have been located between 6-8 miles off coast of Cedar Key.

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