Tom Petty tribute band planning special event in Gainesville

Tom Petty tribute band planning special event in Gainesville

When Florida fans stand side by side swaying to "We Are The Boys Of Old Florida" tomorrow they will lock arms and sing, "I Won't Back Down" to honor legendary rocker Tom Petty.

"It's a great song it's a fighting song in many ways," said Jason Hedges lead singer of tribute band, Heavy Petty. "I would love to hear how many thousands of people sing it."

Hedges said growing up, Tom Petty's music was very special to him because he felt like Petty understood him.

Hedges has been playing his music since he was about 20-years old but had his first show with the tribute band more than 5 years ago.

"A friend of mine said you know you sound a lot like Tom Petty, you should start a tribute band and I said...that's a great idea," Hedges said.

Ever since that first show he said his phone starting ringing requesting him to do more.

"Its been so great keeping tom petty's music alive in this town and we plan to continue to do that," hedges said.

Since Tom Petty's passing, Hedges decided to have a special tribute concert on Petty's birthday, 10/20 at the Heartwood Soundstage in Downtown Gainesville.

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