Brothers arrested after victim forced to strip at gunpoint, hit with vase


Gainesville Police have arrested two brothers accused of robbing a man and forcing him to strip at gunpoint on Dec. 26. Police say one of the men shot at the victim as he tried to run away.

Investigators charged 22-year-old Jontavious Alston with attempted murder, armed robbery and possession of a gun by a convicted felon. They charged 19-year-old Ahmadric Stone with armed robbery.

Police say the victim was walking from the Circle K on SW 20th Avenue to his home at Southern Pine Apartments when two men called a man's name. One of the men pulled out a chrome revolver and led the man by the wrist back to the apartment complex. Deputies say they made the victim lie face down on the sidewalk while they went through his pockets and snatched his clothes.

Officers say one of the suspects went into an apartment and brought back a vase and hit the victim in the head with it and kicked him in the face. One of the suspects then grabbed him by the hair and led him behind a building. When the man let go of his hair the victim took off running and one of the suspects fired multiple shots.

Police say the victim ran back to the Circle K where an employee called police.

An incident report says Stone admitted to being involved in the robbery and implicated Alston in the shooting.

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