UF and FDOT launch website making it easier for elderly community to get around town

    UF and FDOT launched a website making it easier for elderly community to get around town<p>{/p}

    The Florida Department of Transportation and the University of Florida's mobility program launched a website that can help the elderly get around town more easily.

    With just a click of a button, the elderly community can have access to 800 transportation providers in the state of Florida.

    “The ability to have available accessibility that’s huge for any older adult that may otherwise be stranded in their homes," UF mobility director Sherrilene Classen said.

    The website is called "Find a Ride Florida" , it was created so the elderly community can get to medical appointments, head out with friends and stay active in their community, without having to drive.

    “You need to age in community to be totally healthy and independent. It's not just staying at home but to actually be active in ones community and we think 'Find a Ride' will give that opportunity for older adults," Classen said.

    The website is simple, you enter you destination, details and you have a ride in real time.

    “Everyone's transportation options are unique..so we’ve tried to design it in a way that’s very simple," FDOT Gail Holley said. "If you want you can put that you’re 60 or older or put down that you need assistance, an escort or need a use of wheel chair," Holley said.

    Providers include traditional taxi companies, public transportation, nonprofits and ride sharing apps.

    The website also caters to users with vision issues, and can read options aloud.

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