UF suspends Delta Chi fraternity for alleged hazing after 'significant' medical emergency

Delta Chi (2).JPG

The University of Florida has suspended the Delta Chi fraternity for an alcohol-related hazing incident back in February 2018.

Details of the incident are included in an email to Delta Chi from Dean of Students and Vice President, Heather White.

In that email, White writes that the fraternity was involved with hazing potential members, and in at least one case, providing alcohol that resulted in "a significant medical emergency.”

This isn’t the fraternities first violation.

On UF’s Student Conduct and Conflict Resolutions website, Delta Chi had two violations in 2016 for providing alcohol to minors, and a violation in 2017 for having an unregistered party with alcohol.

Now, the fraternity has lost recognition with the University of Florida—but they will be able to reduce the length of sanctions if all current residents living in the chapter house leave by October 1st, and they must complete a full membership review to ensure every active member meets organization guidelines.

For now, they are not allowed to have any events on or off-campus until the suspension is over.

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