UF Innovate Hub expansion complete


After starting construction in 2016, Phase II of the UF Innovate Hub is finally complete and the result is 50,000 additional square feet of space for tech start up companies.

Eric Graves, owns a tech company and works in the Innovate Hub. He says the experience has been valuable.

" To be involved with the University of Florida and have access to a lot of the different sources of information has been really valuable for us."

For tech start ups like Atmosphere Apps, the hub is a great place for resources and support.

" The support that we get from being here is extremely valuable to us. Its definitely easier than being out on our own," Eric Poirier, CEO of Atmosphere Apps said.

Since opening in 2012 the hub has provided space and resources for local tech companies and has created over 700 jobs.

On Wednesday during an open house, guests had a chance to take a look at the spaces where technology business owners work and create everyday.

With more space the hub hopes to attract more companies and new ideas.

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