UF promotes Brain Awareness Week


    It's Brain Awareness Week across the nation and here in Gainesville, high school students got an up-close look at how they think.

    Students from across Alachua County got a hands-on look at what makes them tick.

    They visited UF neuroscience professionals today to see a brain in real life.

    "I think learning about our bodies is really interesting and understand the everyday and basic things that happen to us that we take for granted and don’t really understand," said Eastside High Senior, Emma Barbarette.

    They took part in taste and smell testing and even dissected a sheep brain.

    “They have some really interesting questions that allow us to think of neuroscience a little bit differently than we normally do so it’s also exciting for us to see how these kids are thinking and watch them get excited," said the President of the Society of Neuroscience, Marissa Ciesla.

    "I like the one where we use the toothpicks to poke ourselves because I wasn’t very good at being able to feel if two toothpicks or one were poking me on my arm," Barbarette said.

    There were even some future doctors in the making.

    Shreya Pathak says today reassured her of her goals to go enter medical field, she also discovered she was a super taster.

    “There were little strips of paper and they told us to put them on our tongue and some people just tasted paper and some of us who are super tasters tasted this awful very bitter taste on our tongue," Pathak said.

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