UF students speak to President Fuchs, in hopes to change new graduation plans

UF Students.JPG

“Students deserve a say in their own graduation,” says UF graduate student, Anthony Rojas.

Rojas has one mission—to change graduation.

The University of Florida announced that it’s planning one giant graduation at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium rather than multiple ceremonies inside the O'Connell center.

The University says these new changes will be more student focused, and more efficient.

Rojas believes it’s because Spring graduation made national news after several students were forced from the stage -- all seen on the jumbotron.

“We should not be punished because they made a mistake,” says Rojas.

Rojas started a petition on Change.com where he received over 11,000 signatures in favor of changing the new plan.

One of their biggest concerns is having an outdoor graduation, temperatures in May can go up to 88 degrees.

“To ask elderly family members to stand in that, to ask students to sit in commencement robes, that is simply not practical,” says Rojas.

The students spoke to President Fuchs for over an hour.

The University says they always have been open to suggestions.

“Nothing is in stone, we are always looking to fine-tune things as we go along, particularly when it comes to those college recognition ceremonies,” says Steve Orlando, a UF spokesman.

For now, the University will continue to keep their current commencement plans, and say they are happy Rojas and other students spoke; and hope the ideas given will help make commencement a special day-- for everyone.

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