UF student's wedding proposal goes viral

Joseph Cacioppo, 21, and Caitlyn Simpson, 22. WGFL

“Unreal, it feels unreal,” says Joseph Cacioppo, UF student.

Joseph Cacioppo, 21, and Caitlyn Simpson, 22, never imagined their relationship could go viral.

The couple met at the University of Florida’s Catholic Gator group—where being just friends-- just wasn’t enough.

“I said ‘well I want to be more than friends,’” says Simpson.

“But she denied it for a while,” says Cacioppo

“Yeah, I tried to convince myself I didn’t like him,” says Simpson

After more than a year of dating, Cacioppo decided it was time to ask Caitlyn for her hand in marriage.

So he planned an outdoor couples photoshoot where he’d surprise her with the question—but Florida’s weather, got in the way.

“I freaked out, the whole week was monitoring the weather, and I was praying that the weather would move to Monday or something, but it didn’t,” says Cacioppo “So I looked all around Florida to see if there was anywhere within an hour or two that had nice weather, and everywhere east, west, north, and south of us was raining.”

That’s when a friend of his jokingly suggested he email UF President Kent Fuchs for help to find a covered area on campus.

“I put ‘help with UF student proposal’ in all caps,” says Cacioppo.

And within 30 minutes, Cacioppo got a call from Fuch’s assistant.

“She said president Fuchs shared your email with me, and we really want to help you, give me a call,” said Cassieoppo

A team of administrators called every location they could think of on campus, and finally got a key to the historic building Dauer Hall—and that’s where Caitlyn said yes.

“I was half listening and half ‘like is this real?’” says Simpson.

But it wasn’t until the president tweeted about their engagement yesterday that made headlines, with thousands of likes retweets.

“I just wanted to express my love for her on this one day and now it’s getting all his attention which is really cool and didn’t expect this at all,” says Cacioppo. “On Thursday I was freaking out about how this is not going the way I planned and who knew it was going to turn out way better than I thought it was ever going to be.”

Making their engagement, one for the books.

“Before all this happened I thought our proposal was going to be private just between us and our family—but now all of UF knows, it’s crazy,” says Simpson.

And President Fuchs is expected to get an invite to the wedding.

“I have been asked if President Fuchs is invited to our wedding so many times—and sure! Why not? he should be,” says Cacioppo.

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