University of Florida police investigating sexual battery on campus


University of Florida police are investigating a sexual battery reported on campus.

Police say the victim, a 24-year-old non-student, reported the crime Monday night. According to investigators, she told police she and friends went to various spots in the Mid-town area across from campus.

The victim told investigators she left the Mid-town area around 9:30 p.m. and walked on to campus. Police say she only remembers being in an area near Fraternity Row, where the attack happened.

The suspect is described as a white male, 20 to 25 years old, about 5-foot-7 with an average build, dark hair and a little facial hair.

UFPD says they're increasing patrols. Anyone with information about the man's identity is asked to call UFPD at (352) 392-1111 or use the UFPD Silent Witness link.

UFPD released the details as part of a timely alert Tuesday, along with the following information:

- The UFPD firmly believes that crime is never the fault of the victim. These general safety tips are provided in an effort to assist members of the UF community.

- If you become a victim of crime, please contact law enforcement immediately by calling 9-1-1.

- Immediately report any suspicious person or activity to law enforcement.

- Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. This is particularly true if you are wearing headphones and may not be able to hear someone near or behind you.

- If someone bothers you, don’t be embarrassed to attract attention to yourself. Yell!

- Do not allow anyone to follow you in your residence as you enter.

- Stay in well-lighted areas, away from alleys, bushes, or entryways.

- Always try to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

- If possible, walk with others to your destination.

- If you believe you are being followed, try to find the nearest populated location to get assistance and call 9-1-1.

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