University of Florida Staff and Students Respond to Trump's Ban on Muslims

Students and Staff at UF are speaking out after Donald Trump Proposes a ban on Muslims earlier this week
Monday night GOP candidate Donald Trump shocked the world yet again when he said the u.s. Should ban Muslims from entering the country.
"Not even just like a specific group, just all Muslims, the entire religion itself, by saying that, that is completely un-American, so first of all this no longer becomes a Muslim American issue this becomes an American Issue."
And Rasshan Siddique an electrical engineering student and vice present for Islam on campus says it's concerning how many still support what trump says.
"You know the people that are supporting they're very close minded, they're very narrow-minded, they're ignorant on you know important topics such as this."
UF experts like Dr. Terje Ostebo say negative remarks from trump will only end up alienating Muslims.
"That is the unfortunate effect what we see a shift in rhetoric where Muslims are categorized and masked as you know put in one container and stigmatized and suspected of being terrorist."
And he says most violent acts in the u.s. Are not carried out by Muslims.
"we have not seen you know a wave of Muslim attacks in this country, we have seen a number of more right wing attacks, in fact more people have been killed by white supremest since 2001 than by Muslims."
"And despite Donald Trump's anti-Muslim remarks, the University of Florida's Islam on Campus says they encourage the community to come out and ask questions and find out what it really means to Muslim."
"Our Mosque are welcoming, we're very welcoming people, we like anyone to come by and just like if they want to learn about us feel free to come by we can teach -- that's one of the main important things about our religion besides like worshiping we love and admire knowledge."

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