Volunteers bring pride back to a Gainesville veteran's deteriorating home

Henry Thomas.

Volunteers rallied together Wednesday to bring pride back to a veteran's home.

“I can’t afford it,” said Henry Thomas, the 20-year veteran. “What they’re doing for me, I’m thankful. I’m grateful.”

Thomas and his wife have lived in their Gainesville home for 30 years after serving he served his country—but now its deteriorating.

“I could never afford to buy another house or can hardly afford to pay my bills,” Thomas said. “But I do the best that I can.”

After learning about Thomas’s story, The Home Depot Foundation and Rebuilding Together stepped in to make sure Thomas and his wife are living comfortably and safely.

“It was desperately in need of repair,” said Jason Navarro from the Home Depot Foundation. “Looking at where he comes from and what he does, he was definitely a perfect candidate for the home depot foundation.”

Thanks to $8 thousand from the foundation and 15 volunteers, Thomas and his wife will have everything from new siding to safety equipment.

“We came in and we saw what they were doing their house already without us,” said R.D. Bonnaghan from Rebuilding Together. “They were dedicated people that were doing their best, trying to make ends meet and at the end of the day without the finances to do it.”

By October, this house will stand safe with pride and satisfaction.

“They’re good people,” Thomas said with tears. “Everyone here comes to work and do a good job. And I just sure appreciate it.”

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