Voters hit the polls in Alachua County


Lines formed as the polls opened their doors come 7 am Tuesday morning.

Regardless of the record-setting 51 million early votes in Florida this year, Alachua county poll workers say election day voters were just as prevalent as past years.

"To me, voting actually hold power," said 26-year-old Tara Williams. "And power is what everyone is fighting for."

Many came passionate about what they were going to vote for, but also were passionate about their right and responsibility to vote.

"I believe it is a responsibility to make our voices heard and vote in different elections," said Malcolm Deavers who campaigned outside the polls. "People have fought and died for that right and it's not the same all around the world. So I think we should take advantage of that and help the decision process go well so we can continue that right into the future."

Many people said they were surprised to see how many younger people hit the polls.

"Our generation is making a difference," Williams said. "It feels like we are taking time to better and that we're coming together as a whole instead of just watching everyone else do the hard work."

Some say technology has a lot to do with a younger voter turnout as candidates have strongly campaigned through social media.

"Part of the campaigning that each candidate is doing is really trying to use different means like social media, television and computer ads to get out there and encourage the young population to vote," said voter Justin Harden.

No matter who or what these people voted for, everyone says they are lucky to be an American and have the opportunity to do so.

"It's the best thing that ever happened," said Ron Knolls. "A lot of people don't have this choice."

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