Watch out for lighting strikes during a storm, ACFR has tips to keep you safe

lightning strike.JPG

When lightning strikes, it could be devastating.

“Whether you are in the beach or in the forest, lightning is a real thing in this state,” says Chief Harold Theus, from Alachua County Fire Rescue.

A single lightning strike can reach around 50,000 degrees, and with summer bringing some of the rainiest times of the year, Alachua County Fire Rescue wants you to take precaution

“One of the things we certainly urge all individuals is to take care, take caution, get under shelter, get indoors during times of storms,” says Chief Theus.

And Gainesville is no stranger to these strikes as it hits anything in its path.

Last month, Alachua Fire Rescue responded to multiple lightning calls, including a person who was struck on Archer Road.

“A lot of people don’t realize it, but we have lightning strikes on a daily basis,” says Chief Theus. “Anytime a storm comes through, we have ground lightning strikes.”

The Alachua Fire Chief recommends staying indoors, and to not be close to glass or windows.

“Just don’t risk it, we have all seen the videos on Facebook and YouTube where someone is videoing the storm on their patio, and a lightning strike hits close by,” says Chief Theus. “That is a scary place to be in because a lightning bolt with that much energy there’s not a second chance with that.”

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