Williston retirement home vacant after staff members charged with elderly neglect

Good Samaritan Retirement Home

A Williston retirement home is completely vacant now after a lengthy investigation and two arrests.

Two employees at the Good Samaritan Retirement Home have been charged with neglect of the elderly.

“In the month of December, the Williston police department arrested two of the agency administrators,” said Dennis Strow, Williston Chief of Police.

First, the arrest of Rhaimley Romero.

Police say Romero failed to seek medical attention for a patient over a recent weekend after he was told to report any decline in the patient's health.

“By Monday, the patient couldn’t get out of bed and was unresponsive,” Strow said.

Next… another administrator - 48 year old Nenita Sudeall - was arrested after police say she found a patient who wandered outside, fell and hit her head.

“The administrator said they performed first aid, which when we drilled down we found first aid was only wiping the blood off her head,” Strow said.

Strow says the patient was left in a room and six hours later, she was found unresponsive.

She was taken by ambulance to UF Health where she died.

Last, a video recorded in October shows a younger resident beating an 86-year-old man during an argument over a cupcake.

The 52-year-old resident is shown punching the older man over 50 times.

Strow says that incident is still under investigation.

On December 19th the Good Samaritan Retirement Home was issued an emergency suspension order.

All of the patients have been removed and the facility is vacant, pending the investigation.

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