Zianna Oliphant, young girl who spoke out against racism, visits Gainesville PD

Zianna Oliphant

A little girl with a lot to say stopped by the Gainesville Police Department on Tuesday.

Zianna Oliphant is the nine year old girl who's video went viral after she made a tearful speech in Charlotte about black rights and police shootings.

GPD's Basketball Cop Bobby White met Zianna while filming a commercial for Microsoft's Spread Harmony Campaign, and invited her to come to Gainesville. Zianna's family visited this week, and had the chance to watch and participate in a Youth Dialogue discussion, a chance for local officers in the community to connect with kids.

"The way that our two stories kind of intersect, we were drawn to each other, spent a lot of time together speaking, and we kind of made a pledge while we were there, before we left, that we were gonna work together to bring community and law enforcement together, and this is the first step," White said.

Zianna says about the officers she met, "I think they're very great, kind, they have a lot of personality, nobody can bring them down, and they're very bright persons."

After the discussion, the kids had a chance to "pull the cops over" in a fake traffic stop, to show kids what it's like to do their job.

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