Police: Baby wasn't inside vehicle stolen out of south Nashville, investigation continues

Hazel was at the center of a frenzied morning in Nashville after a car was stolen and she was thought to be inside (FOX 17 News)

UPDATE: (10 a.m.)

Metro Police said a baby reported to be inside a vehicle that was stolen in south Nashville Tuesday morning was actually at the babysitter's house the whole time and never in danger.

In an interview with FOX 17 News, Spokeswoman Kris Mumford said a woman's vehicle was stolen from outside a home along Paragon Mills Road. Police said they believe the mom dropped one of her children off at Paragon Mills Middle School, then went to drop off her one-year-old girl at the babysitter's residence, which is in walking distance of the school.

Police said the mom left her BMW running with the keys inside while at the babysitter's home. That's when a suspect, believed to be a male, stole the vehicle. It was later recovered at a convenience store along Lafayette Street.

During the search for the child believed to be in the stolen car, a Youth Services detective decided to check with the babysitter. Mumford said that's when the child was found to be safe and was, in fact, never in any danger.

The mother was taken from the scene to be questioned by youth services detectives. At the time this story was written, Mumford said there were no charges.

As for the stolen vehicle, police are using this as a reminder to never leave your vehicle running -- even for a moment.

"Please don’t leave your car to warm up with the keys inside or outside," Mumford said.

The investigation is ongoing. Stick with FOX 17 News for the latest.


UPDATE (9:46 a.m.)-Per Metro Police, the mother went to the babysitter's home this morning and dropped off both children. At that time, the vehicle was stolen.

The mother then went to the school -Paragon Elementary- and reported the vehicle as stolen. Police went to the school and met the mother, at which time she told police the child was in the car at the time.

Police say there is a language barrier which could be leading to miscommunication.


UPDATE (9:44 a.m.)--Per Metro Police, the baby has been located. Police say the baby was located at the babysitter's home. The child had been dropped off to the babysitter before the vehicle was stolen.

Police arrived to the home, also in the Paragon Mills area, and escorted a woman from the property. The baby is said to be okay.

Details are still evolving. FOX 17 News has crews on the way to the location where the baby was located. We will continuously update you here.


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Metro Nashville Police are searching for a suspect who stole a vehicle with a one-year-old girl inside.

The gray BMW was stolen from the area of Paragon Mills Road.

As of 8:43 a.m. Tuesday, the car has been found but the child and car seat are still missing. The child is described as being a one-year-old female last seen wearing blue pajamas.

Police found the vehicle at the Z Mart on Lafayette Street in Nashville but the child was not inside.

According to Metro Police, preliminary information shows a parent was dropping one of the children off at Paragon Elementary School and left the 1-year-old in the vehicle. While the mom was dropping off the child at the school, the suspect stole the vehicle with the baby still inside.

The suspect is described as a black male wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

This is a developing situation. We will update this story as details come in.

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