Sweden accepts popular vote, names new train 'Trainy McTrainface'

Sweden accepts popular vote, names new train 'Trainy McTrainface' (Photo: via Twitter)

(KUTV) It happened.

For real.

A company in Sweden turned the naming of its new train over to crowd sourcing and the people voted overwhelmingly for one name: Trainy McTrainface.

Unlike the British government -- that in the cruelest of moves thwarted the will of the people by naming a research watercraft for Sir David Attenborough, instead of its popular voted name Boaty McBoatface -- the Sweeden company will honor the vote.

"We saw pretty quickly that Trainy McTrainface was in the lead and the popular option. There was a bit of international attention on the vote, and I imagine that some people were quite delighted to get some revenge for the Boaty McBoatface thing," marketing chief Per Nasfi told The Local.

The train was set for its naming ceremony on Tuesday in Gothenburg Sweeden.

Atlas Obscura reported that the name of the train will be "emblazoned on its red exterior."

Curbed.com reported that other names considered in the Boaty McBoatface vote, for a vessel that is used for polar research. The U.K.'s Natural Research Council said some names were more suitable than others and did not go along with the popular vote.

Another failed subject of voting was the "RRS It’s bloody cold here."

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